Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Making family traditions

I have always really wanted to have silly little traditions Andy and I create for our family that are special to us and hopefully encourage the kids to spend time with us even when they grow up. I have been worrying a lot lately about not being enough for my baby and I actually realised I need to use that worry to make efforts, after that I think things are going to be as good as they can be. I mean, children grow up and then it will just be Andy and I again and then we can continue the little traditions to reminisce and love the life we have lived.  Some of the traditions I have found I want to include as many family and friends as possible, others will be kept just for us but I am sure that all will be treasured.

So I thought I would share my collection of ideas of things we might like to do as our life with our children grows.
  • New Year Fondue's, I would like to include our families on this one because I think that New Years is for big groups of fun. It is also a good environment to discuss new years resolutions and hopes for the coming year. I am tempted to start this one this year even though baby will be only 3 months old. 
  • Family Olympics! I think this sounds great, like a good weather days activity with friend and family :)
  • Games night, one evening a week the (one day 4) family play games instead of having the telly/electronic devices on. Hopefully we will have an evening a week free outside of clubs and commitments etc, I would like to say a Friday so that the kids can go to bed a bit later as a treat!
  • Christmas ornaments, this is something my mum has already done for me and I would like to pass this on to my children. I have already made the first one and I am going to set aside a special tin for our child to keep their ornaments in. 
  • Sunday biscuits in bed, I really love the idea of having everyone in our bed on a Sunday morning and just lounging around having fun with each other. I'd like to think we can make a biscuit recipe our 'sunday biscuits' that the children always get excited to hear about. 
  • Birthday scrap book, I want to take a picture of my child every year in the same place in the house and I want to write down what we do for their birthday, who was there and their favourite present. 
I think that this will be enough for now and definitely gets me thinking about the years to come with our children, I am really keen to spend quality time and make memories with our children and I think that making these conscious decisions only encourages me to think outside the box and stay positive.

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